First Day Back: Season 1

Produced independently, the first season chronicled Tally’s own return to work after a very extended maternity leave. It received critical acclaim and led to the show being picked up by EW Scripps.

Everything is Fine podcast

A podcast for women over 40. Each episode digs deep into the identity shift that comes with navigating this alternately weird and liberating stage of life. Co-hosted with former Lucky magazine founding editor and Sassy staff writer Kim France and profiled in Vulture. Guests have included NYT Food writer Melissa Clark, Bestselling author Samantha Irby, and TED speaker Soraya Chemaly.

First Day Back: Season 2

This season told the story of Lucie and Gerry – lovebirds who were together for 13 years, until the fall of 2010, when Lucie shot and killed him. Tally followed Lucie for a year and a half after she came out of prison. Season 2 was produced with EW Scripps and Stitcher. It received praise from places as varied the New York Times and Vulture’s Best of 2017 list

Montreal Audiowalks

Under the banner of Montreal’s 375th anniversary celebrations, Tally produced a series of audiowalks of the Côte-des-Neiges/Notre-Dame-de-Grâce area. The series included interviews with artists, historians, and locals to tell the stories of these neighborhoods. This project ended at the end of 2017, audio available on request.
First Day Back: Season 3

Season 3 tells the story of Jason Weems, one of Baltimore’s biggest comedians. Jason’s life changed on May 3, 2017 when just minutes into a set, he had a severe asthma attack that was so bad his heart stopped for five minutes.
Tally followed Jason for over a year as he tried to come back…from death. Produced by EW Scripps and Stitcher. Out January 23rd, 2019.